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April 1, 2012
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Romano patted down the hallway. That stupid Spaniard hadn't escorted him today, and he ended up having to ask a few random strangers for help. Every time he would walk into class the teacher would watch him sit and ask why he was late. Though they were sympathetic since he was new, they wondered why he had help his first days but not today? All he could say was that Antonio left him in the dirt that day and he had to find his own way around this giant ass school. Not like that, of course. At least, not loudly.

When his last class of the day was over, Lovino scratched the back of his head in annoyance. Where was his dorm building again? That hall or that hall? He muttered under his breath, his native tongue flowing from his lips.

"H-Hey! Lovino!"

The Italian turned around, seeing the familiar face of his new friend, Matthew Williams. But this time, the usual pale, clean face resembling cool, Roman marble was replaced with a dark, burning red as if the snowy skin had been nearly burnt. The blush engulfed his whole face and sweat mixed with the dirt on his cheeks.

"Matthew? What the hell happened to you?" Lovino stared him up and down, dirt on his friend's rolled up sleeves.

"I-It's Gilbert. We were just up in the garden area and we got to talking some-"

"So? What'd he say? Anything about yesterday?" The Italian urged suspiciously.

Matthew looked behind him, almost as if making sure no one was near them. "C-Can we just go before we talk about it. Come back to my dorm for a while. It's more private there."

Slightly disappointed in having to wait but willing to go, Romano nodded and muttered a "Whatever." Before following the Canadian towards his room.


"So what's the big deal, Matthew? What happened?" Lovino insisted impatiently, watching his friend pace back and forth.

"It's Gilbert, he-he…" stopped, flopping onto his bed, causing a disrupting sound from under it and Matthew's small bear crawled out from under it.

"Wh-What the hell?"

"This is Kumajiro, he's friendly, don't worry." The Canadian explained simply, but didn't bother to pay it much more attention as he covered his red face with his quivering hands.

"Matthew, what happened up there with Gilbert?"

The Italian sat beside the other slowly, staring at him and the jerky way he moved.

"Lovino!" The Canadian voiced abruptly, but never moved from his vulnerable position. "Lovino, Gilbert he-he-"

"He what?"

Matthew jerked his head up suddenly, staring back at the other teen beside him. "He kissed me!"

"Wh-What? He did what!?"

"He kissed me, Lovino! Out of nowhere! We were talking, that's all. He seemed really nervous and at first acted like nothing had happened yesterday. I was still mad but while we were working he hugged me all of a sudden. He said he was sorry, he told me…he told me he loved me and he kissed me. I pushed him off and ran away. Lovino, he's looking for me now."

Lovino's normally irritable face was plastered with a strange look of absurd disbelief. "How do you know? Maybe it was just a prank."

"He was calling for me and the way he kissed me…it just…it didn't seem fake! How will Francis react…?" Matthew put his face back in his hands only to feel a warm hand on his back.

"It's alright, Matthew." The Italian spoke oddly soft. Lovino wasn't too sure how to comfort him but he felt bad if he did nothing. "Oh yeah, that's right. Francis is your cousin."

"Y-yeah. But he's seriously over protective." The Canadian replied in a blunt mutter.

Then, silence.

They sat there together, Lovino's hand pressed against the other's back in support. He knew his friend was extremely embarrassed and confused, neither of them really knowing what to say.

"Hey…Mattie," Lovino said quietly, blushing himself now he looked at the wall, unsure if he should finish his sentence. But Matthew looked up at him, moving his hands from his face slowly. "Do you…Do you like him back?"


"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Fucking idiot!"

Gilbert paced his room aggravated, beating himself up every way he could. He kicked the walls and pulled at his odd silver hair as he muttered through gritted teeth. What had he done? Matthew hated him now!

Even Gilbird moved around uncomfortably, not used to his normally cool master moving aroundwith so much uneasiness.


The albino looked up, glaring at the door with utter hatred for himself.

"What the hell do you want, Antonio?" He replied back, the Spanish accent being easily detected.

"Gil, let us in! What's the matter!"

Gilbert shook his head and sat on his bed, staring at the floor. "Go away!"

"Let us in, mon ami!" Francis tried, hitting the door with his fist, making a deep knocking noise sound through the stiff air. "I saw mon Matthew running through the halls looking very…disgruntled. Let us in and tell us what you did."

The Prussian sighed, standing and opening the door to be greeted by the Frenchman's unusually stern face.

The blonde push himself through, being followed closely by the Spaniard. Gilbert locked the door back and didn't say a word to either of his best friends as he simply went to sit back onto his bed.

"Gilbert," Francis muttered. "What happened between you and Matthew?"

Still, no reply came. Antonio moved closer, wrapping an arm around the other in comfort. "You can tell us, mi amigo. It's alright, you know we'll always-"

"I kissed him."


"I kissed him! I told him everything! Then he just ran off like he was going to cry and I couldn't find him to explain myself or apologize! Fucking idiot!"

"Gilbert!" Francis threw his arms in the air. "I told you not to say anything!"

"I know dammit! I know! But I couldn't! I just-" Gilbert growled and pulled out of the Spanish man's grip.

The Frenchman pinched the bridge of his nose in thought and sighed. "Fine. I'll go talk to him. I'm sure he's in his dorm. You two can just stay here until I get back."

"W-Wait, Francis."

The blonde turned, looking towards Antonio who had spoken up.

"I-I saw them together. That's why I came here to see what had happened."

"What? You saw who?"

"Lovino…and Matthew. Together. Matthew said they were going to go back to his dorm to be alone, said it was more private." The Spaniard wore a rare frown on his face, sadden by his crush being so close to someone other than him.

"Really…?" Francis was quiet for a few moments before he smiled calmly. "It's alright, Antonio. And Gilbert, it will be okay. I'll talk to him now, Antonio, come with me and pick up Lovino. I need to have a…private chat with my baby cousin."

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*Note: I don't own anything/anyone of these characters!
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz
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