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June 12, 2011
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Romano lightly coughed from the earlier kicks in the Spaniard's long arms, fearful of how he wanted to get to know him. He squirmed though he was only wasting his energy and soon figured this out, so, he quit. He'd save his energy to run once this idiot let go.

So, his large hazel eyes watched a single, large door come closer. Its wooden form was splattered with brilliant decorations carved into it. It had to be the Captain's room.

And it was. As they finally stood face to face with the door, Captain Spain lifted his foot and kicked it open. Not like it was locked or anything, it was cracked open, so Romano lost his surprised expression when he realized this.

"Alright, Romano." Spain said, pushing the door closed with his foot and putting the boy down on his bed before going back to lock the door. "Let's get to know one another, hmm?" He reminded, already shedding his long coat, leather boots and large hat.

The Italian boy on the bed quivered, suddenly remembering why he had been brought in here. He crawled away from the Spaniard as far as he could, his back against the wall on the opposite on of the room though he was still on the bed.

Spain didn't seem to notice, or just didn't care about, his cautious behavior and sat himself upon the bed as well. He patted the spot beside him, motioning the boy to come back over and sit next to him, but he didn't budge. Spain patted again but had no response, at this he scowled and reached over quickly.

Romano squealed, a bit high pitched for a young man his age, as he felt his one, precious curled hair that sat atop his head be yanked on roughly. His cheeks flushed a bright red, even against his tanned skin it was quite noticeable. 'H-How did he know about my curl!? Dammit!' But Spain didn't stop until Romano had crawled over next to him, trying to get him to quit tugging.

Once the trembling young man was next to him, Spain let the curl go and wrapped one of his arms around his shoulders so he couldn't escape. His face shone brightly even though the boy beside him was wiping off a lonely tear on his face. "Like I was saying, come on, tell me about yourself, mi querida! Your home, life, hobbies?" He rang, his attitude and personality completely flipping over from that elegant, serious and sadistic Captain he had been only moments before.

'Th-This is what he meant by get to know me!?' Romano thought, angry at himself for expecting something else. But then again, he supposed that this was much better than what he had thought was going to happen.

"Roma?" Romano heard a soft voice say, looking over at the Captain to see him staring at him with curious, emerald eyes. His smile was still so captivating though it had been grinning at his pain before. How could someone just change like that?


Romano still hesitated but eventually just crossed his tan arms and huffed loudly. "You don't need to know, damn bastard!" He growled in return, but the Captain seemed unfazed.

Spain just kept smiling but after a few minutes of silence, his arm still around the pouty sixteen year old man beside him, he sighed. "I suppose you are right, mi amour. I don't need to know." He said, watching the surprised Romano uncross his arms and look up at him in shock. Had this damn pirate actually given up to him that easily?

"But…" Spain continued, much to Romano's dismay. "I just thought I should learn a little more about you personally before I start giving you your work as my new little... helper boy."

Romano froze, his fingers twitching were his only sign of movement. He couldn't breathe, his entire body went numb. "Y-You mean…you mean you'll keep me as…your slave, don't you?" He choked out hoarsely.

Captain Spain seemed to have not moved either but finally nodded his head up and down.

This set the smaller boy off. "How dare you, damn bastard! You plan to just steal me away from my home and expect me to be your obedient little slave!?" He snapped roughly, flying off the bed in his anger, throwing his arms up as if in a fight with his love partner. "Stupid! Stupid damned bastard! How dare you!  I will not! I'm going home and don't you dare try and stop me, bastard!"

As Romano stormed out of the room, he noticed the Captain made no move to stop him. He smirked to himself. Did all it really take to twist a pirate Capitan around was to yell a little bit? To think he once admired their bravery and strength! That was all washed away now.

As the cinnamon haired teen reached the outer deck, he stopped, horrified. He glanced around frantically, running from each side of the boat to the other. "Damn bastard! You set sail, dammit!" He cursed loudly, eventually forgetting no one could understand him when he started shouting out Italian. Though the entire crew could guess at what he was screaming.

Romano screamed as he ran around the entire deck, still in search for the beautiful shore of his wonderful home of southern Italy instead of these vast waters. He knocked over barrels and crates of food, fresh water, alcohol and just about every desired asset, causing everyone to scramble so their necessary supplies were not wasted.

Suddenly, the small man felt a tight grip go around his arms and his back be pulled against someone's chest, stopping his tantrum short. Upon looking behind him, he saw the last person he wanted to be near. Spain. "Damn! Damn fucking filthy pirate, let me the hell go!" He screamed, but was still pulled against his will back into the Captain's room.

"I said let me go, dammit! Go to hell!" He snapped the rude comments nonstop as Spain threw him on the bed again. This time, his face serious again. He stared with venomous eyes at the boy balling on his bed, sobbing and cursing him all at once.

"It seems…" The Spaniard started quietly yet somehow the Italian heard him and stopped his yelling as the taller male started coming closer. Eventually he was on the bed with him and Romano thought he was just going to comfort him like before, put that jolly smile on his face and laugh again. But no. Romano watched the man crawl even closer until he was right above him. The Spanish man's hands grasping the smaller wrists as Romano tried to smack the Spaniard away. "It seems I have to teach my new private servant a thing or two about respect and discipline." He growled to the horror struck Italian under him. But before he could scream again, ask for forgiveness or beg him to give him another chance, he had the Spaniards lips pressed roughly on his own and was still never given the chance to beg the rest of the night.
Chapter TWO!

Totally inspired by this awesome peice: [link]

Read on:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Here ~ <3
Part 3: [link]

Yeah, I guess I put a language warning on this? I mean it is Romano though, it just wouldn't be the same without his colorful vocabulary!

Also, no I'm NOT going to go "there"~ Sorry for you guys that are all into that kind of thing but I'm getting through my story without smut :D

*Note: I don't own anything/anyone of these characters!
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz
Art is (c) [link]
Art NOT by me!!
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