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March 2, 2012
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It was late now, days after they had arrived to Russia's home. It has been snowing every second of every day and every night. Italians weren't made for this kind of weather!

Still, Canada hadn't gotten better though doctors treated him almost 24/7. France refused to leave his side and the whole thing gave Romano a shady, almost sickening feeling that left him uncomfortable and unable to sleep.

Lovino's hazel eyes were heavy though he kept them open, staring emptily at the ceiling above him. He glared at all the tiny cracks and straggly elevations that were imprinted into the ceiling's warm color.

Each member of the group had been moved into their own bed rooms now. Each one was still warm in color and blankets piled on top of one another on the wide beds, but no room seemed as peaceful and inviting as the other they had been in before with the fireplace. It just relaxed Romano as he stared into the fire burning in front of him, surrounded by his new friends, though he'd never tell them he thought of them that way, he just felt safe.

He hardly even told Feliciano out loud how much he cared about him; how much he loved his little brother.

What was with all these weird feelings lately?

Deep in his thoughts, Romano never noticed Spain open the door to his room, making the bright light from the hall illume into his bedding.

"Lovino," The Spaniard said, snapping the confused Italian out of it. He looked over at his Captain, arms behind his head as he lay on his bed. What was this? Spain's face…it was so serious. He didn't get to see this often. Hesitantly, Romano sat up, watching the tan man with a concerned look of confusion.

"Lovino, you should come with me."

"Wh-What's going on?"

"It's Canada. Now come on."


What was this? Now he was walking through the empty hallways through this Russian's house towards Canada and France's room. The Frenchman had insisted he share a room with his underling. He didn't know why, but Spain wasn't acting normal. His eyes were cold, porcelain orbs staring in front of him without any hope showing through like the normally did. No…this wasn't Spain.

"We're here. Just go in and say goodbye."

"G-Goodbye?" Romano repeated, looking up at his superior with shock and fear. But, suddenly he felt a hand grab his collar and pull him inside the little room where his friend slept. The door slammed behind him with a sharp bang but now it was silent.
What had just…pulled him in? Had Spain and the others who'd been standing outside the door not even noticed?

His eyes scanned over the room, seeing hardly anything. The darkness of night held the room tightly and only the light sparkling in from the moon landed over the bed where the Canadian lay asleep.

Romano stared at his friend. He was pale, more than normal, and dark circles arched under his closed eyes. Moving closer, the Italian had to force himself to get nearer. Each step felt abnormally like a hundred pounds and seemed to slam back down onto the ground in the silence.

Forcing him body forward he finally reached the bed, falling to his knees he leaned close to Matthew's cold face.

"Sad, isn't it?"

Lovino froze, finger tips lightly touching the chilly body of the Canadian beside him.

"He is so young. What a shame to die so, da?"

"Wh-What?" Romano turned his head, almost robotically his neck shook and jerked like it was from a broken puppet. He saw two violet eyes staring back at him from the end of the bed, watching him with amusement but still they managed to easily send a cold shiver up his spine and through his frozen nerves. His body shook now, but the eyes never left him.  


"Yes. Oh, but look at your friend. Seems he's stopped breathing, finally."

"Wh-Canada? Canada!" Romano's stunned face spun back to look at his friend, finding him still and growing even paler than before. "Matthew!" He cried out, shaking him desperately.

Still, the lifeless body grew white until finally it started to grow a light grey.

"What is this-" Lovino's eyes were wide, watching his friend. His hands retracted instantly from the body, tears stinging in his hazel eyes as he stared in fear.

The body, it was grey now. But…so fast? He's only just died…What the hell is happening…He's- The frozen body started to shrink in as if something was sucking the muscle from the bone and the skin reseated towards it. Still the body darkened in color, the skull pushing out from the thinned skin so you could see the valleys and mountains of the bone. He looked horrifying. Romano shook in terror but couldn't move.

Then, subtle at first, his golden hair grew as grey as his skin and started to fall off and piled onto the pillow. But, the rest of his body still seemed to grow more disturbing. Soon he was nothing but a thin lair of skin and you could see his bones poking out of it.

He watched for only a few minutes more, tears pouring down his tan face as he watched his friend's body, what looked like, dissolve into nothingness until the only thing left lying in front of him was a cold skeleton. Even the pile of grey hair had disintegrated and Lovino screamed as his body started to work again. He panicked, falling backwards so the back of his head hit the hard, wooden floor. He curled up, his fingernails digging into the skin of his head as he held it, shaking madly.

"What a shame. He was so cute. His brother will be upset, da."

"Wh-What the hell just…what happened to him..?" Puddles of tears formed under the Italian, growing bigger every second. He glanced up at the Russian as he moved towards him, bending down so he was on one knee beside the Italian. Leaning in, he grinned monstrously.

"Why, just what's going to happen to all of you."


"Romano! Romano!"

That voice. Who was it? He knew that voice. Though it sounded frightened the familiar sound was…relaxing…and comforting.

Why did he feel so hot? He could feel boiling sweat all over his body but he hadn't been running or anything. Wait…

"Canada!" He screamed, jerking up his panicked face jerked in every direction. He was in his room? What?

"Romano! Are you alright? You've been screaming in your sleep! You've been twisting and turning and you wouldn't wake up!"

"Sp-Spain?" Lovino stared at the concerned man sitting beside his bed. So all that was just…a dream? "Where's Canada?"

"Canada?" The Spanish accent looked confused. "He's sleeping."

"How is he?" Romano urged impatiently.

"Fine, mi amor. Matthew is doing much better than before, the doctors said. He had a major breakthrough earlier tonight and his temperature is starting to get back to normal."

Lovino sighed, shoulders slumping in relief. "Good…" He leaned over then, his head resting on Spain's surprised shoulder.

"O-Oh? Lovi, are you sure you're alright?" He asked, wrapping his arms around his underling.

"Yeah. Just…a bad dream."
Chapter TWENTY-TWO!! <3 <3 <3

:icontailsmoforever7: made me this: [link] and [link]
:iconandreyaprussiauchiha: made me this picture! [link]
:iconkireinami: made me this!! [link]
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Got it up on now!: [link]

Totally inspired by this awesome peice: [link]

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*Note: I don't own anyone of these characters!
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz
Art NOT by me!!
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Territori Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I keep hearing you say how the more you hurt a character, the more you love them, and I honestly have the same feeling!! That's why I would always torture my Italian babies, Alfie, and Preußen~<3 I can't wait to read more, I'm extremely hooked!! ^D^
MagdaTheHuman Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist

At the first part I was begging that it was just a dream... Afotunately, it was :)...

You really know how to put drama

shyannaruto Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014

Thank youuuuu

(( Here's a secret, I wasn't going to make it was dream at first, but decided on making it so before I put it on the internet. C: I could never kill sweet little Canada ))

sassymillon Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
first i was noooooo :cries: then i was yeaaa!!!! :squee:
shyannaruto Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
hahaha yeah! Glad you feel better XD
sisi908 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Man, you had me crying there for a sec
shyannaruto Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Oh no, don't cry ;w;
I apologize, I was sad when writing this chapter.
MsTamaGirl Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist
Man, u have GOT to STOP doing this to me XD i keep exploding in my chair~

"say goodbye"
the adrenaline. i luve it! :iconherotimeplz:
shyannaruto Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
XD Glad you do cause it won't be stopping! Mwahaha! (I guess, I don't know XD)
nihaoitsashley Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
jeezuz! do you ENJOY torturing romano and poor little canada?! i realy thought he was dead dammit! i'd chew ur head off if you weren't such an awesome writer
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